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Professor Kathryn Jones


The Space Project has become an almost unbelievable reality of missions that twenty years ago would have been definitely impossible. It demands probably the most technical and precise skills and arts of any other specific task being attempted in the world. Scientists in all fields have combined their efforts to demonstrate human knowledge that has put man in space, orbited him around the earth, let him walk in space, and landed him on the moon to actually walk upon the moon's surface.


Throughout this report reference has been made to Notes on Space Technology compiled by the Flight research Division, Langley Aeronautical Laboratory, Langley Field, VA. This was loaned to be my a mathematician working at the Manned Space Center, Houston, Texas. It contains math problems used in calculations each day at NASA.

The Notes are arranged under five broad headings. The first four Sections are concerned with Space Mechanics; the next four with Trajectories and Guidance; the next two with Propulsion; the next three with Heating and Materials; and the final four with Space Environment and Related Problems.



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