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Dr. William Trantham


Piano teaching is a Classical profession, and, as is often the case for other of the nobel and age-old orbits of life, it tends often to lose its inventiveness and "fizz" and to forsake these "learning guarantees" for only the barest gray essentials of the pianists' art. In recent years advancements have been made to revitalize the piano teachers' curriculum, one of the most successful being the group teaching method. After hearing much unfavorable criticism and only bits of praise for the group piano method, the writer was motivated to take on the study of the group method in depth, hoping to glean from the research some insights into what may effectively be taught in groups and how to successfully teach it.

It is the purpose of the writer in preparing this research paper to present to the interested reader these findings. The paper is aimed primarily toward the teachers of children, but also includes objectives for teaching the high school and college preparatory student.



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