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There is a place surrounded by thousands of acres of natural forests encircled by seven beautiful state parks nestled between the highest peaks in Missouri with rich Ozark history. Imagine three small towns situated in a valley of the Ozarks Mountains surrounded by breathtaking scenery, a perfect retreat from busyness of the city and the working world. Would you be interested in escaping here for a weekend or possibly for the rest of your life?

If you even entertained the idea, local Chamber of Commerce officials succeeded in making you believe that Arcadia Valley or the towns of lronton, Arcadia, and Pilot Knob was a great place to visit. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow substantiated the claim when he wrote in the 19th century, "There is a charming portion of our country, dainty and lovely as a dimple in the cheek of nature and yet comparatively unknown to residents in the East. It is the valley of Arcadia. "However, most people refuse to pack their suitcases and head off to some place advertised as beautiful and scenic unless it has been highlighted as a featured destination on the Travel Channel. Taking this opinion into account, Arcadia Valley Chamber of Commerce hosts a tri-annual event to draw thousands of visitors into the area with the hopes of generating tourism revenue as well as making them want to return to the Arcadia Valley again and again. This event capitalizes on local history along with appealing to many Americans' fascination with the Civil War--the re-enactment of the Civil War Battle of Pilot Knob.



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