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Professor William D. Downs, Jr.


A high school yearbook is many things to many people. It is a history book of the events of a school year. It is a memory book of all those "exciting" high school days. It is a reference book for matching names with faces. To a high school advisers, however, a yearbook represents a huge, immeasurable task to be drawn up, developed, and completed in a period of nine months. On the adviser's shoulder resets its success--and falls its failure. Though the staff of the book is outwardly on its own, the adviser must be there throughout every phase of work guiding, teaching.

Therefore, one who is to one day take over the role of yearbook adviser in addition to teaching classes must be well informed on the "hows" and "whys" of yearbook publication. The prospective adviser must keep abreast of new trends as well as old, hard rules. It is for this purpose that this Special Studies had been conducted in order to stress high school yearbook organization.



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