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Professor Louise Durkee


This study was undertaken as an aid for improving basic reading skills through the use of the Reading Lab instructed by Mrs. L. Durkee. This was thus a developmental project in reading.

Specifically stated the purposes of this study were: (1) to increase reading rate; (2) to increase the use of words through vocabulary building; and (3) to improve reading comprehension.

The approach here is one of practicality rather than theoretical. The course of study was therefore geared from the particular deficiencies of the student to improve reading skills. This afforded flexibility on the parts of the instructor and the student. The program was non-structured but was directed toward meeting the individual needs of the student.

The format of this presentation will follow several aspects while at the same time being interwoven and interdependent. Of significant emphasis will be the methods and materials used in the Reading Development Program.



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