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Impressionism seems to have arisen as a close study of nature and external phenomena. It was at first regarded as a meteor destined to go out, but now the name "impressionist" appears to be an imprecise description of the group of painters who in 1874 held an exhibition and by a penny-a-liner were dubbed Impressionists. They were a mixed lot: some of them were already known as followers of Courbet and Manet, others had worked under the influence of Corot, one at least was a disciple of Ingres. In 1870 they had been more or less independent painters, each going his own way, and ten or twelve years later the best of them were going their own ways again. While the great influence they have had is undeniable, the end, the ultimate result, the finial estimate to be placed upon an art still savoring of eccentricity, is yet a question.

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