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There are three great parallels, if followed consistently, that will provide the kind of literature program that children need today. The first one is that the child needs a balance of the new and the old. Modern authors for children know what the inside of a child's mind is like, and they write with a tempo, style, and spirit that is modern. But a child also needs to know that there were great stories before his time.

The second great parallel is the balance between realistic and fanciful literature. The child loves the kind of stories that acquaint hime with his own world. He wants and needs stories about others that live like him and different from him in his own country and in others. But along with realistic experiences, the child also needs and wants the kind of literature that can take him out of his own world and into the world of the impossible, the fanciful, and the impossible.

Children also need a balance of prose and poetry. In many schools today there seems little time for poetry. Children are given their heritage of poetry where they can read it and see it beautifully on a page or joyously hear it.



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