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Dr. Vester E. Wolber


In the world today there are approximately three billion people who belong to 11 major religions. Nearly all belong to the religion and denomination into which they were born, and accept it naturally, and are loyal to it as they are loyal to their nationality.

Religion so exists for many men. "They have been born into a culture, and it is unthinkable that religion can be anything but part of their being."

As far as can be determined, religion has existed in every society. The more we learn about the days of man on earth, the more evidence there is that all societies have one thing in common--some form of religion.

Men everywhere have established codes of behavior which differ from one another in practice, though they are often similar in theory. Commandments were formulated to keep the believers in harmony with, and dedicated to, their basic concepts of life's purpose.

The basic beliefs of two great religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, will be briefly examined in this paper.



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