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Through the centuries man has felt a deep, innate thirst for an intimate relationship with the Infinite. Whether expressed in the ancient Babylonian mysteries of Tummez or in present-day "flower children," the thirst has driven the human soul to reach out and to touch the ultimate, to know that which holds command of all things. And though the human soul has continually sought, it has sought blindly and, at best, has gained only limited spiritual insight.

Christianity, however, is quite different from the various cults which have arisen because it is the result of the Infinite's search for man and not of man's search for the Infinite. As this Person, whom we call God, showed Himself to the world, He effected the establishment of the church and of a written testimony to Himself. That written testimony, which is the collection of books called the Holy Bible, was written by men inspired by God. It speaks of the world's condition in relationship to God's nature, of God's past actions, and of the future events to be brought about by Him.



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