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Professor Phares Raybon


The objective of this study was to experiment with a new media of art. The probable success or failure of the project was equal from the start, never having worked in the media of clay sculpture. It was a journey of exploration, mistakes, discovery, but most of all satisfaction. In art, it isn't entirely necessary to be able to paint like da Vinci. The only requirements are to be willing to relax and let yourself show through in the work--painting, drawing, sculpting. The finished product may not even be recognizable... but it is yours.

Through art, I have learned patience. Oils require time to dry, and as we shall see, clay takes time to dry and fire and fire...

In choosing the media to be used, I wanted a 3-D canvas... a painting that people could not only look at, but feel. Oils and even acrylic seemed impractical because of their drying time and fragility. Sculpting didn't appeal to mea, so I combined the two and came up with a canvas of clay to be carved out then painted with ceramic glaze. I would have a 3-D canvas with the advantage of clay's sturdiness.

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