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Professor T. O. Watson


The elementary teacher will encounter many children in her experiences. Some of these will be handicapped; she will face the problem of helping these students adjust to regular classroom activities under her guidance. These handicapped children may have a wide range of mental, psychological, and physical disadvantages and may demand a little extra attention and ingenuity. This paper is a discussion of one possible type of physical handicap which causes secondary problems that may be encountered.

The purpose of this study is to explore the characteristics, problems, treatment, and speech education of the cleft palate or cleft lip child. While most regular classroom teachers will not be expected to have a large part in the therapy of such individuals, it would be beneficial to understand the extent of the handicap and what has been and could be done to aid the child with a cleft. It is hoped that through insights into the nature of the problem, she may be better equipped to help him to mingle and live successfully with his peers.



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