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Food is the structure of society's structure. It shows the values, customs, and habits of the people. For many years now we have applauded the frozen foods, packaged foods, TV dinners, fast food franchise, preservatives, additives, and anything else that would save time. Our values are slowly changing. In our new culture we have time for growing gardens and things like baking bread. Our eating and cooking has become more of a ceremony. The variety of foods is endless but some people will prefer some foods over others.

A vegetarian is one who does not use meat in his diet for various reasons. These main reasons may be grouped into religious/ ethical, aesthetical, nutritional, physiological, and economical.

Some vegetarians use no meat, fish, or fowl or any meat or dairy products. Most, however, do allow eggs, cheese, milk, and other dairy products in their diet.

There are complexities and subgroups of vegetarianism.



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