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This is a script, including scores and lyrics, for a new musical.

Premise Listening is the key to harmony. Those who do not listen to others provoke disorder, chaos, and war; but a listening ear brings peace, love, and happiness.

Cast of Characters Siga -A rebellious mime prince, who believes in talking and especially singing; Rayrna -The beautiful princess of Speak City; King- The old fashioned king of Speak City; Queen- The King's nagging wife; Advisor- The King's evil advisor, who wants to marry Rayma; Guard 1- One of the King's guards; Guard 2- Another Guard; Guard 3 - One of the King' s goofy spies; Guard 4- An equally goofy spy.

Time and Place Setting - The play is set in Speak City. In a fairytale time period of the past, when Mimes inhabited a portion of the earth.


Book and lyrics by Aaron House; music by Matt Landers.



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