Date of Award


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Theatre Arts

First Advisor

Dr. D. Scott Holsclaw

Second Advisor

Mr. Eric Phillips

Third Advisor



Premise Listening is the key to harmony. Those who do not listen to others provoke disorder, chaos, and war; but a listening ear brings peace, love, and happiness.

Cast of Characters Siga -A rebellious mime prince, who believes in talking and especially singing. Rayrna -The beautiful princess of Speak City. King- The old fashioned king of Speak City Queen- The King's nagging wife. Advisor- The King's evil advisor, who wants to marry Rayma. Gl- One of the King's guards. G2- Another Guard GJ - One of the King' s goofy spies. G4 - An equally goofy spy.

Time and Place Setting - The play is set in Speak City. In a fairytale time period of the past, when Mimes inhabited a portion of the earth.



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