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Dr. Ralph Ford


Today's society requires more improved skills and more advanced education in order to succeed as a member of the society and as an individual. The problem of providing education and specialized skills belongs to the nation's schools. Many students, however, find the struggle for an education too difficult and resolve that immediate problem by dropping out of school. Dropping out indicates the student's unwillingness or incapacity to absorb society's more refined tools and knowledge. From this point on, the climb out of the lower socio-economic class is relatively impossible.

The term "dropout" generally refers to pupils who leave school before earning a high school diploma. There can be no simple type-casting of all dropouts to distinguish them from those who finish school. The act of leaving school is the result of varied personal and social conditions. Such factors as average income, rental rates, teacher's salaries, the amount of schooling completed by the adult citizenry, the proportion of professionals in the community, and per capita state expenditure have a positive relationship while overcrowdedness in dwelling units and pupil and teacher turnover are negatively related.



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