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Christian Studies

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Dr. J. Daniel Hays

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Dr. Amy Sonheim

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Dr. C. Marvin Pate


In the book of Genesis, one of the longest genealogies in the Bible is followed by a narrative about a city and a tower called Babel located in southern Mesopotamia. In this account. God confuses the original common language of humankind at Babel, and from there. people spread throughout the world speaking their diverse languages, however, archaeologists and linguists have found that languages change gradually over time and that people began migrating across the world some 50,000 years ago from eastern Africa. At first glance, there seems to be a conflict here between the Bible and the sciences. But when one assumes that God accommodated to the biblical audience's Ancient Near Eastern context, doing an exegetical study of Genesis I 0: I-l l :9 can resolve this apparent conflict between science and faith.



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