A Comparison of the Ministerial Students and Non-ministerial Students on the Ouachita Baptist University Campus

Larry Latham, Ouachita Baptist University


The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not significant differences can be found between the backgrounds and opinions of ministerial students and non-ministeral students who attend Ouachita University. A survey was devised that would attempt to attain information concerning the backgrounds and opinions of the two groups. There were 35 ministerial students on campus and 121 non-ministerial.

This survey could serve to stress the fact that there are no basic differences between ministers and non-ministers. When this study began, it was expected that harsh differences would be pointed out between the two groups. However, it can now be stated that: according to the evidence submitted within this survey, there are no course or rigid differences between ministerial students and non-ministerial students on the Ouachita Baptist University campus.