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Dr. A. B. Wetherington


God taught us an important lesson: when communication stops, progress is halted. Today as then, differences not understood and a lack of communication can cause a stopping of progress.

In today's world of change, the classroom becomes the only true melting pot of our nation. As more and more peoples are brought together, the need for teachers who are able to function in such situations, becomes greater and greater. There can be no hard and fast rules for the handling of situations since the number of possible problems and occurrences surrounding them is infinite; but it must be realized that the only way a teacher or any other person can cope with such problems is to understand them.

The capable teacher of today or any other day, must understand the problems which affect her and her pupils, know their roots, and in short, be able to understand the character of the problems she encounters. Many of these problems are involved with the differences that arise as a result of ethnic and racial backgrounds. But before the problems can be understood, the terms used in explaining the problems and their solutions, must be understood.



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