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Dr. W. Randolph Quick


In a world undergoing enormous transitions, where familial and social supports are eroding and established beliefs are gradually being demolished, it is natural that many will try to modify their awareness--to ease the uncertainties of the day, to avoid psychic pain, to achieve pleasure, to find faith. The old gods falter; the old goals seem pointless. What is left but to chemically dull the senses or, alternatively, create new illustions, new utopian worlds? So it has been in every period of stress; so it is today.

Man changes his world enormously but himself minimally. He has created instant news, transportation that arrives before it has departed, and vast power from imploded atoms; but he remains the superb technological master concealing the impulsive, frightened child within. The training of his intellect has far exceeded the training of his emotions. His rational cerebral cortex outstrips his emotional midbrain.



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