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Dr. Joe Nix


In a society in which issues such as environmental protection, cleaner air and cleaner water are receiving increasing verbosity, the time appears ripe for a factual analysis of a too-little thought of problem connected with these issues--the problem of litter on the nation's highways.

Although only a fraction of total waste, littler constitutes the most visible waste since it is ever-present on our nation's increasingly traveled highways. Society has begun to look more critically at the litter problem. There have been clean-up campaigns, roadside barrels, signs warning the motorist of the impending penalty for littering; but the problem remains. These very positive steps have contributed substantially to the solving of the problem. But the fact remains that the minds of the general public need to be changed. The purpose of an evaluation of this nature is not necessarily to change the minds of our nation's automobile travelers, but to present many forms of litter, and perhaps the "why" of certain types of littering in a concise way. The evaluation should also reveal, generally, segments of the society from which the bulk of the litter comes. Perhaps if enough data is presented on this subject, people will be brought to a consciousness about litter and will stop unconscious littering. This would contribute to the mind-changing process.



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