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Professor Annette Hobgood


"The most frequently discussed food chemistry problem in the popular press today is that of food additives."

The practice of adding "chemicals" to food is a very old one. No doubt it began when man first learned to preserve his meat by putting salt on it. Through the centuries other methods of food preservation were invented.

During the early days of the industrial revolution in England and America there was much trial and error experimentation with materials used to preserve foods or to conceal inferiority by coloring them with dyes that were sometimes highly poisonous.

During the past half century the science of food chemistry has made tremendous progress. The growing, processing, and packaging of food so that it can be transported for thousands of miles and remain in good condition for months or years are among the many wonders of science.

Additives are used for a great many interesting and useful purposes. But, just exactly, what is a food additive?



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