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Christian Studies

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Dr. J. Scott Duvall

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Dr. C. Marvin Pate

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Dr. Jay Curlin


The Bible is a mosaic, one large meta-narrative made up of a plethora of smaller stories, instances, and encounters. Each of these smaller stories is integral to the larger story. Both minutiae and art ability to grasp the big picture are important when one comes to read the Bible. This paper attempts to address the small details of Scripture, and from those small details endeavors to gain an image of the mosaic in a way that may not be commonly considered.

The mosaic of the Bible has many common threads and themes. These threads run throughout the story, giving it structure and purpose. One such theme is the tension between order and chaos, between function and anti-function, and fulfillment and disobedience. This paper attempts to analyze and define this thread and then trace it throughout the whole of Scripture.



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