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Business firms have two main purposes in hiring home economists: home economics women interpret the needs and desires of homemakers to the company and they increase consumer demand for their company's product. Trained home economists hold a wide variety of positions in business, including work with foods, equipment, clothing, textiles, and home furnishings. In carrying out their work they use such media as magazines and newspapers, radio, television, advertising, home service, and public relations. Business is a relatively new but expanding field in which graduate home economists are employed.

The business field has such a variety of positions that persons with different characteristics and interests can find happiness and success. Many home economists come in contact with people a great deal. They must really like people and be able to meet them easily. Poise, a pleasant speaking voice, and a nice appearance are important qualities for home economists whose work brings them in contact with the public. Imagination, a promotional type of mind, and ability to sell ideas or products are essential characteristics for most phases of business.

Opportunities are available in test kitchens and research laboratories for home economists who have the technical knowledge and personal traits for conducting studies carefully. Patience, accuracy, and sincere devotion to the work contribute to success. Contacts with the general public can be either limited or extensive and one needs to be able to get along well with co-workers.

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