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What is an industrial, or professional, mathematician? What does he do? Generally, there are two kinds: workers in pure mathematics and workers in applied math.

The pure mathematician likes to play with mathematical laws and principles just to see what will happen. They have mathematical curiosity; they are not especially interested in whether anyone ever finds any use for the result or not. They have the fun of working their problems, and that is the only reward they ask. There is a large group of men and women getting paid good salaries for having such fun; they are the pure mathematicians. For the most part, they are on the college and university campuses. Some, however, are employed by business and industrial firms. Out of the play of these pure mathematicians has come some of the most important theories and formulas in modern science. Even if industry or government isn't able to tempt him with a permanent job, he is likely to serve as a consultant time and again on very practical projects.

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