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Professor Bill Allen


The Upward Bound Program at Ouachita began in 1966 and since then until the present date the only source of information about an Upward Bound participant was his file folder. Working with Dr. Charles Chambliss, Mr. John Small and Mr. Bill Allen, I worked to put Upward Bound on Data Processing. This process entailed (1) deciding on the information that would be recorded on the data cards (2) deciding on the placement of the information on the card (3) setting up a code sheet for the information (4) designing a form containing the coded information would be used by the keypunch operator to punch the data cards (5) going to the Upward Bound folder and gathering the information needed (6) coding the forms (7) keypunching the data cards and (8) getting a computer printout of the information contained in the new Upward Bound data file.



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