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After working at camp for six weeks during the summer of 2011, I was exhausted. I had great expectations to love the camp counselor life, but God was continuing to shape exactly how I would serve Him with my life. Driving home from camp, I was confused. I felt Called to minister to children and so badly wanted to be a "camp person." I wanted to be that awesome camp counselor, full of energy and fun, but I had discovered I was simply not. Like God often has, He spoke strongly to me when my pride was broken.

I had a dream of writing and illustrating books for children, but at this point, the idea was still my dream. While I drove home to Houston, God stirred something withing me that was not my own. I felt overwhelmed by His grace as I heard Him softly whisper that He wanted to use me... being me. I became excited about the fact that God would and could use my introverted, quirky, nerdy self for His glory. During my car ride home from camp, my dream to be a children's author and illustrator turned into vision from the Lord to share the gospel with children through picture books.



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