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"A library is a library... A library is a place for books. And Books need people to enjoy them, children to pore over them, to wander through them and wonder, to leaf over them and laugh over them and love them. Teacher need to know them to delight in them, and to want to share them. Librarians who are not merely the keepers by the ambassadors of books, their representatives, their introducers, their friends and advocates."

The above statement is one which this paper will attempt to prove is very correct. One of the most stimulating and interesting developments in the elementary schools of today is the new relationship between curriculum planning and instructional material. The result is a learning center called a centralized library where children may use and explore all types of printed and nonsense material. This helps to satisfy their intellectual curiosity as well as fulfill the more specific demands made in the classroom.

The elementary school library, audio=visual expert and curriculum specialist are forming a working trio to continually explore new ways to co-ordinating their services and wares. They know they must share their knowledge and skills. Together they must pool the vast resources into a centralized department.



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