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The following pages contain a brief look at twelve science fiction books and their authors. All of these books are recommended for either junior or senior high students.

As a prospective school media specialist, I wanted to know more about the literature that students from the ages twelve to eighteen read. Science fiction was one area in which I lacked background. Many of the students enjoy science fiction, especially the boys. So, I decided to read a sample of this type of literature to gain more knowledge in the field. After reading each book, I checked to see how many of the developmental tasks for this age group it contained. I listed the tasks that the book contained after a short annotation of that book. I then searched out a small amount of basic background information on each of the twelve authors to check their qualifications for writing science fiction.

I now feel a little more informed about science fiction and some of its authors. I also feel more qualified to make subtle recommendations out of this type of literature.



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