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This paper is a type of study of a nine year old boy whom I shall call Bill. Bill is from a normal middle class family. He is in the fourth grade. His I.Q. is average. His mental age and chronological age are just about the same. In all respects Bill seems to be a very normal boy. He does have glasses, but as yet he has not worn them to his sessions.

Bill's problem is that he lacks an interest in reading. He was given the Durrell Analysis of Reading Difficulty test. His median grade for the oral reading was 3.9 and his median grade for silent reading was 4.9. He seems to be better in silent reading. His score was about fifth grade in listening, 6.5 in flash words, and 4.0 in spelling.

Bill needs oral reading practice. He tries to read too fast, and then does not comprehend what he reads. He needs security in oral reading. He mainly lacks effort.

Bill needs to learn to organize what he reads and get out the main ideas. When he reads, his voice is nervous, high-pitched, repetitious.

His reading specialist let him pick out some books to take home. He said he looked at them but did not read them.

Bill's mother is particularly interested in his taking an interest in reading. She wants him to read in the summer.

Bill's new reading specialist has some plans for him. She says he needs practice in phrase reading. She also wants to work with him and help him adapt his speed to the type of material he is reading. She is going to try to improve his concentration.

Bill has also been reported as a behavior problem in school. I am not sure how this relates to his reading problems.



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