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Professor Mary Handiboe


In the acting classes at Ouachita Baptist University, we primarily work under the Stanislavski thought; we briefly talk about some of the others, but not to a great extent. As a member of the Carl Goodson Honors Program, I participated in a directed study with Mary Handiboe, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts. In this study, I further explored numerous acting methods including those of: Konstantin Stanislavski, Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, and Viewpoints, along with lesser known methods. I anticipated finding that they all contradicted one another, but I fount that many of them stemmed from the ideas of Stanislavski and differed in only a few ways. The biggest dispute concerned the approach of the actor. There are two ways to develop a character: externally and internally. The different techniques have strong opinions between these two approaches. The external relies on the exploration of the body, while the internal depends on intellect. Both strive for emotional connection and a powerful impact.


In the following pages you will find a clean copy of each monologue and scene, followed by the journal..., along with the analysis of each character, my marked script, a visual character sketch of how I think the character may look or what her physical demeanor may be, plus any other pertinent research. In conclusion, I have tried my best to create ten uniquely different characters. I am sure I have failed in many rights, but I have also had my share of successes. Most importantly, I have learned what methods of acting work for me, and have learned how to work around many of the things that hold me back as an actress.



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