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Dr. Terry Carter

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Dr. Marvin Pate

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Dr. Doug Sonheim


The Welsh Revival of 1904 transformed the Welsh Church interdenominationally for an entire generation; however, the church has since been affected by global and local events, causing it to stray from conservative evangelical theology, and largely fragmenting believers between traditional and charismatic leanings. The principles of Welsh theology have been little studied since the revival other than isolated segments focusing on sermons, journals, or biographies of revival leaders. The Welsh Revival has become recognized as a definitive event in Welsh history but little work has actually been done to trace the effects of it until present day. This research merging both historical and Christian intellectual history has been done to fill a void in the research community. It is a result of my semester abroad in the capital, Cardiff, spend doing ministry as well as gathering sources and information for the research presented below.



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