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Welcome to PUREnovation, where "converting today and conserving tomorrow" is our lifestyle. Our mission embodies the idea of providing customers the opportunity to maximize cost savings while simultaneously helping to reduce the carbon footprint in their hometown. With a management team that encompasses a wide variety of backgrounds, we possess the necessary skills and abilities to drive our mission and visions forward. Based on our values and convictions, we believe that it is of the utmost importance to serve the individuals who live in small towns and to preserve the nature of the earth that God has graciously provided for us.

The concept of our business includes the conversion of diesel and gas powered vehicles, primarily large trucks, to a cleaner fuel alternative known as compressed natural gas (CNG), while also providing fueling stations for customers to utilize. Our facilities will be conveniently located in geographically small towns that won't be affected by the nationwide rollout of CNG stations. A key criterion for us is the presence of industry in these towns. We will primarily service industry related individual consumers and fleet operators, in addition to school districts, local government vehicles, and will have the ability to convert private passenger vehicles as well. Pickens and industry experts believe that CNG can only become mainstream following the rollout of CNG infrastructure on an industrial level.

In addition to immediate savings to our consumers, our mission emphasizes the importance of reinvesting in the communities in which we are located. We will strive to provide a greener and cleaner environment for all to live and work. We will be headquartered in the "Natural State," whose legislature has incentives in place to provide for up to $4500 towards each conversion, in addition to several different programs that provide #300,000 and $400,000 in infrastructure loans respectively.

Our conversion process will leave our customers with a lifetime of savings, whether those customers are giant shipping corporations like J.B. Hunt, Wal-Mart, or Tyson Foods, or a soccer mom looking to put a thousand dollars a year toward her kid's college fund while saving the environment. From a democratic president to a republican state legislator, and from an oil tycoon to a soccer mom, people everywhere are realizing the power of natural gas and CNG savings. The question is: Will You?



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