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For both seasoned potters and students, looking at a line of unglazed bisque-ware can be a terrifying moment. Terrifying because you know that if you choose the wrong glazes, all of your hard work up until now could be wasted. The form of any clay creation, be it functional or artistic, is equal in importance with the glaze. Bad forms cannot be covered with good glazes, but good forms may be ruined with them. It is through the pairing of the two that a truly beautiful piece is made.

During my undergraduate years and much of my life I have had the honor to be trained as both an artist and as a scientist. It was the artist in me that had her attention caught by the beauty of ceramic glazes, but it was the scientist who drove my curiosity to continue to explore them. I think that it is through the pairing of these two that a good idea can be born, and that is the focus of this paper. What I offer is an exploration of ceramic glazes told through my exploration and testing of one glaze, Meyers Clear. My hope is that in addition to satisfying my curiosity, the things I learn can be used to actually improve this glaze.



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