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Improving our educational system is a hot topic right now in the political and educational worlds. As a country, we are always striving for the best educational experience for our students, burt we are still faced with many challenges. According to the 2014 Pearson Index of Cognitive Skills and Educational Attainment the United States is ranked as number fourteen in the world. While we have risen from number seventeen since 2012, we are still not even in the top ten. In 2012, Finland had the top educational system in the world and in 2014, South Korea had number one.

In this paper, I am going to explore what it is about these two education systems that made them the best and compare these two education systems to the United States education system. I will look at factors such as cultural perspectives of education, government influence on education, extracurricular emphasis, school organization and curriculums, teacher training, and importance in the society and other factors that influence how an education system works. My goal of this project is to find the gaps between the United States education system and the top education systems in the world and suggest some ways that we could eliminate those gaps to have the most effective educational system in the world.



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