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"Figured Out" was my first student film, and it also served as my Senior Thesis for the Carl Goodson Honors Program at Ouachita Baptist University. I had always had the desire to work in the film industry, and I believed this project would give me some valuable experience.

Angela Marie Harger and I began conceptualizing the story in late 2005. We had a rough script by the spring of 2006, and then began the casting process. During that summer Angela finalized the screenplay, while I worked on developing the production schedules and project timelines. Shooting began in September of 2006 and lasted until December. I did most of the post-production work during Christmas Break, and completed the project in March.

We worked in cooperation with the Motion Picture Production Class and the Ouachita Mass Communications Department, and the entire production team received school credit for the project....

I hope this project broadens the appeal of independent study at Ouachita, and hopefully more students will choose to do film projects in the future. The citizens of Arkadelphia and the students of Ouachita played a major role in helping make "Figured Out" a reality. However, if I were to do this project again, I would find someone to serve as a casting director. On many occasions we lacked people to play extras or bit roles which were needed in practically every scene. A casting director would have made the filmmaking process much easier.

Included in this document are the screenplay, some press kit information, the scene list, the shooting schedule, and a few supplementary materials. It is important to note, that most of these materials were produced before production actually started. Many filming dates were changed during the shooting process.



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