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Every morning I wake up thinking, “I’m one day closer to camp.” As I write this there are 81 days till I return for my fourth summer as a counselor at Camp War Eagle in Rogers, Arkansas and that statement has never been truer. I look forward to working at camp each summer like a child looks forward to Christmas morning. Each year I have to complete an application which contains the question, “Why do you want to return to Camp War Eagle?” And every year I am struck by the excellence of that question. What is it about the place that demanded more of me than I ever thought I could give, tested me beyond anything I ever imagined, and stretched me farther than I ever thought possible that makes me long to be there more than any other place in the world? What is it about blood, sweat, tears, mud, grass, mulch, stress, frustration, and sleep deprivation that make me want more? What is it that drives me back to long, hot days; too-short nights; and complete and utter exhaustion?

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