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This study investigated the concept that attachment style relates to emotional and social well-being by using measures of locus of control, stress-management, and time perspective. Independent t tests compared the high and low quartiles of scores on secure, avoidant, and anxious-ambivalent sub scales of the Adult Attachment Scale (Collins & Read, 1990) on measures of personality. Significant results from the 62 (15 men & 47 women) college students (ages 17- 24) indicate that secure attachments have high past positive and hardiness scores and low sensation-seeking scores. Both insecure attachment styles have high past negative, high present fatalistic, and low hardiness scores. Anxious-ambivalent attachments have an external locus of control. These results are consistent with previous research, infant behavior patterns, and the differences in self-worth between secure vs. insecure attachment working models.



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