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Autism is a disorder that affects one out of every one thousand children. It occurs more frequently in boys than in girls and brings with it complications that deprive those affected of a nom1al life. One such individual is a boy named Tyler Kubinski. Tyler is a twelve-year-old severely autistic child from Paragould, Arkansas. Tyler's world is limited by his inability to speak or communicate further than a scream or contorted laugh. He does not frighten or agitate easily but will strike out fiercely with his muscular legs or well-aimed spit to anyone nearby. Tyler does not interact with his brother or classmates in a personal way but spends hours every day running from room to room tearing up cardboard into pieces. I was given the opportunity to work as Tyler's personal care aide last summer as he could not be cared for well in normal childcare. While working with Tyler I was able to make observations concerning his autism and use my knowledge about the disorder to offer suggestions to his family about treatments for him.

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