Chair: Dr. Christopher Mortenson

The study of history is an essential part of a liberal arts education. Rigorous examination of primary documents, artifacts, oral testimonies, and other evidence help historians understand the past on its own terms and explore the complex interaction between continuity and change. Experience in documentary and statistical research, critical analysis, writing, and rhetorical communication prepares students for careers in a variety of fields like education, communications, publishing, archive and library information management, civil and foreign service, public history, and business. Some students pursue graduate and professional study in history, politics, law, and international studies.

To ensure that students can develop breadth and depth across time periods and subject areas, the department offers a variety of courses covering U.S., European, and African/Caribbean histories. On-demand courses focus on smaller geographical and chronological pieces of history.

Ouachita’s carefully-developed history program allows each student to acquire the professional skills and knowledge base required to succeed in a variety of careers and vocations. Each student takes an introductory course exploring historical research, analysis, and presentation as well as available professional and career paths (some of which requires graduate study). Each student then uses those basic skills in more advanced courses. The student experience culminates in Research Seminar, which utilizes research, writing, and presentation skills to investigate a self-selected topic, and Topical Seminar, which investigates a specialized part of human experience in a more self-directed setting.


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