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World War I stands out in our nation’s history as a war that was fought with honor and with dignity. When we read literature or study the events that surrounded the First World War we are swept away to a time that is very different from our own. This time period of honorable warfare and black – and – white ideology is no longer here but we as Americans still have a lot in common with those that fought in World War I. A college education is still a necessary commodity in 2014 and college students today face the same sorts of victories and dilemmas that those in the 1910s faced. However, in the years that led up to World War I, College students had important worldviews to discover. The average college student in 1917 had to make a decision. They had to decide whether to support the war and in turn had to decide what their role in the war effort would be. This “Great War” shaped these college students’ lives and helped to foster in them a different viewpoint than the one held by their fathers or grandfathers. College educated students and namely, Ouachitonians, held a unique outlook on the war than their predecessors and they demonstrated this through the publication of the Signal as their school newspaper.


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