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A common misconception is that countries in the world today have surpassed the selfish desire of dominating other less-powerful countries, with the underlying belief that these countries do not have the means necessary to govern themselves. As great as it would be for this to be true, it is certainly not the case. While many believe the world powers and their former colonies are on good terms and all is well between the two, there are still areas of the world undergoing the process of decolonization. For many, this process has only just begun, as their decolonization struggle has proven to be much more systematic than previously believed. This is the story of those who suffered due to the infamous Ukrainian Holodomor. Infamous is used ironically in this case: infamous in that it was a dark period for Ukrainians under Stalin's oppressive regime but also in that few are aware of its presence in history. This has complicated matters for one who is attempting to understanding their decolonization struggle.


This paper was presented as part of the Decolonization course (HIST 3023) taught by Dr. Myra Houser.



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