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World War II was characterized by extreme violence and hardship. People from all over the world faced incredible circumstances of hunger, destitution, disease, and death. Millions of lives were lost both through the waging of war and the extermination of people groups. World War II characterized the globe in several different respects that still affect it today. Political systems, societies, and policies would forever be changed by the war, and people began to see each other quite differently. Perhaps the most well-known example of this is the mass murder of millions of Jews by the Nazi regime known as the Holocaust. Jewish people throughout Europe were shipped off to labor and death camps to face their demise in a systematic and ruthless manner. Adolf Hitler poisoned the minds of the German people to believe that the Jews were responsible for their difficult circumstances after the First World War. The Nazi regime began by cutting off the Jewish population from society and evolved to forcing them into gas chambers and dying by the millions.


This paper was presented as part of the World at War course (HIST 3233) taught by Dr. Bethany Hicks.



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