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Throughout World War II, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin were able to preserve a relatively strong private relationship even though their public relationship, through political and social perspectives, was strikingly dissimilar. The situations that these tremendously influential men went through together undoubtedly raised tension between the two, causing for a very up and down relationship. These men needed each other for the betterment of their respective countries and that factor may have forced them to exert more effort in making the relationship function no matter what.

Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was born to Lord Randolph Churchill and Lady Randolph Churchill on November 30, 1874. He was extremely well off considering his father came from the aristocratic family of the Dukes of Marlborough. His mother was American-born to a wealthy family in New York. Although Churchill came from the nobility class in Great Britain; he did struggle through personal challenges that helped shape who he became. He failed the entrance exam three times before being accepted into cavalry school where he finished 8th in his class of over 150. He entered the military in the 1895, and was able to advance through the ranks rather quickly. This led him in the direction of the British Parliament because he always seemed interested in bettering himself financially, as well as moving up the social ladder of the upper class.


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