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World War One was a major turning point in the history of the world. War advancements had created a monster that no one was ready for. No longer was war seen as glorious, but instead horrifying. Often, the world sees the war from an outside perspective understanding that it was a great tragedy, but they do not understand it from a personal level. Many historians have tried to accomplish this through interviews with the survivors, writing biographies, excavating battle grounds, and various other methods. One method, which is often times overlooked, is viewing the war through the lens of the art pieces produced from it. Some may believe that this is trivial when studying the war but the opposite is true. Art is a reflection of one’s very self; there are few other methods quite as personal as viewing art. Too often have historians looked over these pieces believing them to hold no importance in the historical field of study, to the point that only recently has this part of the war been seriously studied.1 This paper attempts to give one a personal look into World War One through the poetry of the time and art produced by the soldiers and others tied to the war that is now referred to as “trench art”.


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