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American women contributed to the Great War in many ways. Women were nurses, volunteers, clerks; each of these jobs was helping women gain agency in their work and also helping their cry for suffrage. Some of American women’s greatest contributions were on the frontline of the war in Europe. The women who were on the frontline of the war were specifically nurses and more specifically they asked to be put on the frontlines of the war. The American Red Cross organization was the best organization that gave women opportunities to volunteer to serve the United States, but the United States Military opened many doors for women as well. The Red Cross desperately needed women to volunteer their services and women desperately needed organizations like the Red Cross. Women’s work in the Red Cross and the military finally enabled women to feel an agency of power for their work; they were finally realizing they could perform the same jobs and perform these jobs with the same ability as men. To understand women on the frontlines, it is important to look at individual cases and interpret these cases. The frontline is interpreted as not only in the middle of warzones, but also the frontlines within the United States. Women were using the skills and opportunities available to them; whether it was on the war front in France or behind a phone for the Navy on United States soil. Without the service of brave women on the frontlines of the Great War, many soldiers’ lives would have been lost. Women were great contributors during the Great War even though they do not receive enough credit. The Great War cannot be fully studied without studying women’s sacrifices and bravery.


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