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The Japanese American citizens were dehumanized by the actions of the United States government during World War II; they were forced into internment camps strictly because they were of Japanese descent. Through the accounts of the men, women, and children who experienced the internment camps and lived on to tell about them, they were treated less than human. They were definitely not protected by the laws of the United States of America. There are many different elements that appear to have created the opportunities for certain men to imprison citizens of the United States without a trial or jury. Through the trials of the people who lived and experienced the different elements of the Japanese American internment; a case against the men who made the internment possible and the lack of legal representation, which led to a 46 year fight with the government that put them in the camps before the government admitted their wrong doings and attempting to reimburse the people for their losses.

The goal of this writing is to follow the lives of the Japanese Americans who had to experience being forced into the internment camps during World War II until those people received the payments from President Reagan. As well as to point out blatant lapses in the United States government system. Through all of the articles, books, and newspapers, there was not anything that covered all 47 years of the Japanese American’s journey to finding justice. All of the articles focus on a part of the journey, but never the entire journey. The readings would focus on the education system, the women of the camps, the physical layout of the camps, or the overlaps in the government that made everything possible. I wanted to add a piece of writing that helped put their journey all together.


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