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The Battle of Pea Ridge was a Civil War battle that was fought in northwest Arkansas. The battle was the largest and most significant Civil War battle fought west of the Mississippi River. Despite the fact the battle involved a large number of forces on both sides, and the outcome of the battle greatly influenced which side controlled the states west of the Mississippi for the remainder of the Civil War the battle has been understudied by historians. There is a great story to be told regarding the Battle of Pea Ridge. The story is unique, because for many of the commanding officers the battle represents either the pinnacle of their career or a stain on their legacy that could not be washed away even in the years following the Civil War. The story of Pea Ridge should not be told solely for the military implications of the battle, while they are significant and cannot be ignored; the real significance of the Battle of Pea Ridge goes beyond the offensive and counter offensive maneuverers that took place on the battlefield, and rests in the legacy the battle left on the men who fought it, and the immediate and lasting effect the battle had on the landscape of the area near which it was fought.


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