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The Little Rock Central Crisis of 1957 was one that will be remembered forever. The crisis occurred when Little Rock Central High School integrated and became the first school in the south to do so. This event came with much controversy and did not go over well with the white community. Governor Orval Faubus was the leader of the state of Arkansas and did everything he could to try and prevent the integration of Central High. Central High School voluntarily wanted to integrate their school. There were nine students who would enter Central High School on September 23rd. Originally there was eleven, but when the time came close, two withdrew because their parents were worried about what would happen to them at Central with the white kids. What was it like to go to school at Little Rock Central for the nine and the whites? What were the teachers lives like and how did they react to these African American students in their class? What was Governor Faubus role and view of the situation while it was happening? These are all questions that will be answered throughout.


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