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The history of the middle ages is vast and expansive; it impacted Europe in countless ways. Although the many intricacies of this history cannot be compacted to just one region, there are certain areas of Europe that are especially representative of much of the middle ages. The reason most of these areas are such accurate representations is because they were so strategic to the events and occurrences of the medieval age. One such area of Europe that is especially representative of the history of the Middle Ages is a citadel known as Carcassonne in what is today southern France. This massive fortress was certainly strategic to anyone wishing to conquer and rule the region of Languedoc; it was built on a hilltop and on a crossroads between the Atlantic and Mediterranean, and it also encompassed a large population of people. For all of these reasons, many of the happenings that affected the heart of Europe affected this large citadel as well. Carcassonne has a rich history that eloquently represents that of the Middle Ages; this rich history involves the transition from Roman to Visigothic rule, conflict with Arabs, cementing of Catholicism within the region, and the coming of the crusades.


Medieval Europe



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