Director: Ian Cosh

The Grant Center is named in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Grant. Dr. Grant was president of Ouachita from 1970-1988. This center provides students and faculty opportunities to experience international study both on campus and abroad. We work actively to recruit and admit students from various countries worldwide. Ouachita is proud to host dozens of students with an international background, including international students, missionary kids, and third culture kids.

The purposes of the Grant Center for International Education include:
1. To serve the Christian missions purposes of Ouachita, while promoting good will and the cause of world peace.
2. To be a catalyst for expanding the global consciousness of the university's student body and faculty with emphasis on the role of the church-related liberal arts university in addressing the challenge of global problems.
3. To integrate global awareness and concerns into the interdisciplinary studies component of the curriculum and to assist the schools and departments of the university in meeting specific school and departmental interests and cross-cultural requirements of their majors, minors, or pre-professionals.
4. To provide meaningful academically-oriented exchanges between peoples of other countries and the students, faculty, staff, and constituent publics of the university while assisting sister institutions abroad to achieve their educational objectives.
5. To serve the regional community of Ouachita by providing certain types of expertise related to international concerns such as business, industry, agriculture, community development, and education.


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