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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)



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Mr. James C. Berryman

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Dr. Henry Lindsey

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Dr. Paul Root


Adolphe Stagg (1 834-1 914) lived and worked in South Central Louisiana during the latter two-thirds of the nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth century. During a forty-year period, 1874-1 91 4 he served as a minister, private school teacher (1876), Tax Assessor (1 877), and member of the Louisiana House of Represen­tatives.4 He served in these posts with distinction, influence, and honor. To adequately define his contributions to the social and cul­tural life of the area and to the protestant religious development of his time, the background of his life and the cultural life of South Central Louisiana in the mid-nineteenth century must be examined. One evidence of the recognition of his contribution to Louisiana was the naming of a Baptist association in the French area of Louisiana the Adolphe Stagg Baptist Association. Successive Annuals of the Louisiana Baptist Convention made many references to his religious activities from 1884-1914. The Annual of the 1914 Convention contained a memorial entitled "Elder Adolphe Stagg--First Missionary to the French of Louisiana."

The official records of the Louisiana legislature of 1892 and 1894 have recorded his assignments on committees, his voting record, his pro­posed legislation, and his association with the "Old Guard" composed of twenty-two members of the Louisiana House and Senate. The tax Assessor's report of 1877, as recorded in the Report on Public Education for the State of Louisiana, and The Opelousas Courier from 1877 through 1880 reflected his service in that field. The record of his oath of office and appointment indicated that his occupation was that of accoun­tant. His many activities and roles of leadership in these broad areas of influence were the result of the general acceptance and respect of his peers.



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